Turing by the Numbers & What I Learned Other Than Programming

June 21, 2016

I graduated from Turing a full 5 days ago and have since moved across the country, started to look for my first web dev job, and made goals around community, tech skills to hone over the

Iterating on Database Architecture

June 08, 2016

I am building an API using data from the Washington State Department of Education. As with most DOEs, they provide a huge number of excel spreadsheets containing all kinds of data, which I'm normalizing before putting

API Documentation With Swagger

June 06, 2016

I've built APIs and I've consumed APIs. I've consumed APIs with awesome documentation, and ones with lackluster documentation. I've never written my own API documentation, but that time has come - I'm building an API with

Deploying with Docker

May 15, 2016

Last weekend I deployed an app using Vagrant, so this weekend I decided to deploy the same app with Docker, to see the differences. I'll talk through that a bit, and then the specifics of Docker.

Deploying an App on DigitalOcean and Vagrant

May 07, 2016

Writing software is awesome, but it's only part of the picture. We have to deploy that software to make it accessible to the world. Until now, I'd always used Heroku - it took all of 30

Following the Stack Through an AJAX Call

April 28, 2016

One API call for the WanderMap involves viewing a blog - since each blog has a goegraphic location and a date, when a blog is created or updated, a call is made to an API

Consuming the GitHub API

April 10, 2016

One of the main components of the module three curriculum at Turing is APIs. We jumped in last week with a three day project to effectively replicate the home page for a user of a service

Growing and Maintaining Through Self-Study

March 19, 2016

During modules at Turing, there isn't much time for anything but the required coursework. But then intermission weeks roll around, and there's work to do, but not much, relatively. And while it's tempting to take time

Learning to Love Working in Groups

March 14, 2016

If I had to describe myself, "independent", would be one of the first words I would choose. Group work has always been hard. I value efficiency. I go to bed early (9pm, anyone?), but I'm ready

Playing With Time in Ruby and JavaScript

March 10, 2016

The final project for module 2 at Turing was building an e-commerce app in Rails. My group took it one step further and built a rental site, which of course required tracking reservations, due dates, availability,